New Turf Racing Surface At RCHR

RCHR_ARENAHey guys, I wanted to take a minute to provide an update about our indoor track.

As many of you I’m sure know or have heard a rumor already, I have decided to install a new turf surface
indoors at RCHR.

This decision did not come lightly, as it’s a big risk to do anything with a tracks racing surface.  Especially
one that generally is good.  As good as it has been, it is also inconsistent at times.  While it is good
in the fall and early winter when there is a lot of moisture it gets very dusty in the early spring.  In the
summer, its dusty and very abrasive causing tire ware complaints.  No amount of water seems to help
during these times.  I was really torn on the decision of which way to go until I paid a visit to Hobby
Hangout and RC Madness to try it out.  Both John Gallagher, and Chris Marcy were very hospitable and I
would like to thank them both for letting me stop by, run many laps and ask probably too many
questions lol.  Although I didn’t get to meet and talk with Greg Vogel while I was there, I did chat with
him online and discussed getting together to talk at some point soon.  My hope is that we can all work
together this coming fall season to get some racing organized.  As you all know I am very willing to work
with other tracks to put together events.

So after trying the turf I was sold, to me, it is a win win for everyone.  Turf offers a consistent very high
traction surface that will help promote serious competitive racing.  As the old saying goes, “everyone’s
got to race on the same track”, well the turf brings that to a whole other level.  Now everyone races the
same track and the track is always the same, lap after lap, race after race.  The only difference being a
new layout configuration that can now be put down in a matter of hours instead of days (or in my case
weeks lol).  This means RCHR will always be open with super high traction and constant fresh layouts…
that is a big win for the racers!  It offers the least amount of risk in
changing the surface which is a huge undertaking and investment.  The elimination of down time will no doubt be an improvement to our
bottom line this year and is a big win for RCHR.

I promise to all of you that we will do the best job possible for our facility.  I purchased very high quality
material for both the track surface and the features (the picture is of the actual material).  The turf is a
true indoor/outdoor type with a permeable rubber bottom.  The material for the jump features is a little
different.  It is a green needle punch boat carpet.  Both offer outstanding traction and will look
awesome.  The turf will be professionally installed and properly seamed.  I purchased a new roll of nice
yellow pipe for the perimeter of the track and we will be using 2in pvc for the infield.  I feel strongly that
building high quality features is essential to the look and feel I am after.  We will be building high quality
features similar to the ones seen at Hudy and Yatabe arena.  These features will insure a good flow and
make for good racing tracks.  My vision for RCHR is to offer a racing environment very similar to (or as
close as I can possibly get to) the European and Japanese tracks you have all seen on YouTube such as
the EOS racing series, Hudy Arena and Yatabe.  I feel that this is the future of indoor RC racing, an
opinion I believe I share with many manufactures as well.

So, when’s it going to be ready!

The turf material is due to be delivered tomorrow.  Once the turf is installed, we will start building the
features.  I feel we can open the track for practice some time during the week next week.  I want to be
race ready for club racing next Saturday 7/16.  Doing this work inside has been pretty disruptive to
racing and business so it will be good to get back on track as soon as possible.

What about Outdoors?

The outdoor track has held up very well and is a lot of fun.  Racing under the lights in the summer is a
blast and we will be maintaining the outdoor track.  That being said, it does need some maintenance.
Once the indoor track is up and running we will run a few races indoors so we can spend some time
working on the outdoor track.  I will come up with a schedule for both.  We will run outdoors on
Saturday’s weather permitting for as long as we get support.

What about the Trophy Race this weekend?

The Fire Cracker 500 this weekend is canceled, we will have club racing Saturday.  To make an omelet
you need to break a few eggs….So I’m sorry about this guys, but there is just no way I can host a trophy
race with all the work going on inside right now.

Upcoming Races!!

RCHR & Gallimod’s

RCHR & Gallimod’s have agreed to host race together outside this summer!
The date for the race will be Sunday Aug 14th and will be the Old School Outdoor Summer Slam!  This
was originally planned for our track but we will be promoting and running the race at Gallimod’s
raceway instead so look for a race flyer soon!

RCHR & Cruizin With R/C’s

Race 3 of the NEXT series is coming up on 7/24 at Cruizin With R/C’s in Waldwick NJ.  There have been
great turnouts for this series so I hope to see you all come out and support the hardest working men in
RC Steve and Ronny!


Guys I realize this is a big change and I thank all of you who have shown interest and support.  I feel this
is extremely positive move for RCHR and racing in the area.  If you are still not sure if you are for it, all I
ask is that you give it a shot!  My job is to make RCHR as good as it can possibly be, I feel strongly that it will be awesome!

If you don’t want to wait for us to finish,  go try it out at the Hobby Hangout in New Milford and R/C Madness in Enfield!

That’s all for now guys, I’ll have some pics up this weekend


If you like what we are doing please come out and support RCHR!