2016 Spring Indoor Showdown Results

rchr_logo_trans_shadowSpringIndoorShootout2016_FlyerThanks everyone for coming out to race today at our Indoor season finale!  Its been a great indoor season and it was very nice to see everyone one last time this year for some indoor racing.. Congrats to all of the winners and thank you to everyone who traveled to join us today!  Looking forward to seeing everyone for some outdoor racing this summer!!!

Round3-Race1-C Main-2wd Stock Buggy_0Round3-Race2-C Main-2wd Modified Buggy_0Round3-Race3-B Main-2wd Stock Short Course_0Round3-Race4-B Main-2wd Stock Buggy_0Round3-Race4-B Main-2wd Stock Buggy_1Round3-Race5-B Main-2wd Modified Buggy_0Round3-Race5-B Main-2wd Modified Buggy_1Round3-Race6-B Main-4wd Modified Buggy_0Round3-Race6-B Main-4wd Modified Buggy_1Round3-Race7-A Main-Sportsman_0Round3-Race8-A Main-2wd Stock Short Course_0Round3-Race8-A Main-2wd Stock Short Course_1Round3-Race8-A Main-2wd Stock Short Course_2Round3-Race9-A Main-2wd Modified Short Course_0Round3-Race9-A Main-2wd Modified Short Course_1Round3-Race10-A Main-2wd Stock Buggy_0Round3-Race10-A Main-2wd Stock Buggy_1Round3-Race10-A Main-2wd Stock Buggy_2Round3-Race11-A Main-2wd Modified Buggy_0Round3-Race11-A Main-2wd Modified Buggy_1Round3-Race11-A Main-2wd Modified Buggy_2Round3-Race12-A Main-4wd Modified Buggy_0Round3-Race12-A Main-4wd Modified Buggy_1Round3-Race13-A Main-Modified Stadium Truck_0Round3-Race13-A Main-Modified Stadium Truck_1Round3-Race14-A Main-4wd Modified Short Course_0Round3-Race14-A Main-4wd Modified Short Course_1