Track & Facility Update – Aug 2015


Hi everyone, its with great pleasure that I’d like to let you all know about some updates done to the facility and track over the last week.  First and foremost, we have updated the layout with several changes.  With all of the construction going on we opted for an update instead of a full change.  We are going to be running the layout in reverse for this go-around.  We added two new doubles, one in the center and one in the back of the track.  A significant portion of the track got completely turned over with jackhammer and tillers.  The entire racing surface got the Zamboni treatment with a mud broom (Thank you Jim Tani) and is smooth as glass.  Also, all of the pipes were replaced with new ones.

The big change however was to the facility and drivers stand.  For a long time I have wanted to put up a wall between the track and the pits.  There are several reasons for this but mainly to address the need to get a decent size machine to the track area had been impossible to date.  In the past a dingo was used to do the layout changes.  But a bigger machine is necessary to perform the necessary track maintenance in the coming months/years.  Access to the track was blocked by pit benches and the staircase to the drivers stand.  We made the pit bench portable and moves the staircase inside the pits.  We also added a removable garage door in the area on the left side of the drivers stand and completely walled off the area on the right.  Secondly I wanted to address the problem of dust in the pits….I’m sure everyone will be happy about that one.  And thirdly, it will be much easier to control temperatures during the winter months with the different areas zoned off.

This was a big job and I’d like to thank everyone who helped out over this last week.  A HUGE thank you goes out to Rob Denhardt, Mike German, Jay Kennedy, Greg Canale, Jim Tani, Butch Piccarillo, Dakota Brooks, Casy Popke, Steve Merchant, Mark Westerfield and Eric and Blake Wazocha.

I can’t wait to get back to racing action this Wednesday Night and for the trophy race this coming sunday!

– Will

Below are some pictures I took last night please take a look.






We have added two new doubles.  One big double in the center of the track






And a smaller one in the back by the announcers booth.






A shot of the resurfaced track from the right side






And from the Left






New staircase and drivers stand configuration





Removable garage door to track






A ramp to get your car on the track






Walled off the pits


LiveTime Drivers Kiosk






A couple of shots from the pits