Wednesday Night Worlds – 9/25/2013


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WNW 9/25/2013 - Look at all these happy racers

WNW 9/25/2013 – Look at all these happy racers

Wow… it was another great night of racing this week at WNW…we had a great crowd last night, Ducky came back from visiting his other brother Donald Duck in Disney, Photog was back to race, JP rode in on his bike & Reinaldo came down from the computer factory.  There were no beaver sightings but I did see the snake when I was setting up the pump earlier in the afternoon. The track conditions were superb, traction was awesome, and the weather was perfect for some outdoor night racing.  Once again, 17.5 SC was the most popular class with two full heats of racers, however we also had full heats of both 2wd buggy and Mod SC. We also had a heat of 4wd mod buggy.  That class seems to be making a comeback all of a sudden….

Ok so in the 17.5 SC B-Main, there was another awesome battle this week…JOE STANZ!!! was the bump master keeping his cool and bumping up to the A-Main. Joe drove an awesome race taking advantage of the battle between Mike Vena in 2nd and Larry Drapp in 3rd. It was tight right down to the wire and everyone drove great but in the end it was Joe taking it down…awesome job!

In 4wd mod buggy, it was a debut for both Photog and JP as they both drove their new Durango 4wd’s in a race for the first time…but they were up against a wiley 4wd buggy veteran in Reinaldo.  Photog was the TQ for the night but in the end it was Reinaldo taking down the win driving his trusty Associated B44. Photog finished up in second followed by Rasheed making his first ever podium appearance taking down 3rd…Great Job Brother!

In 2wd Buggy it was all Reinaldo as he blinded them all with science as Sharky said…taking down the win, earning TQ & lapping the field…with a 17.5.  With his recent near domination of the VONATS and his consistent driving and podium finishes, he is proving himself to be one of the best local drivers in the stock buggy class old or new…Awesome! In second it was Erik W ripping off a 29 lapper, not too shabby either. Sam MacMillan also drove a good race finishing up in 3rd.  That is Sam’s 3rd podium in 3 weeks…Nice Job Sam keep it up!

In the 17.5 SC A-Main it was Photog earning TQ for the night and getting out to an early lead and taking down the win…it was a BATTLE though for 2nd place and Joe B & JP traded position and paint over and over…neither one wanting to give it up…but in the end, on the last turn it was JP in the Ultima SCR taking down 2nd and Joe B rounding out the podium.

In 4×4 SC It was Sharky on the mic cracking us all up…but it was John B. taking TQ with the RCE…but he returned to the mains with the trusty Ofna and dominated the race taking down the win.  In second place it was Reinaldo driving his Associated 4×4.  In third for the second week in a row was Jeff Roy driving a great race with his Tekno and a sweet new paint job…

Well that’s it for this week guys.  See you all this Sun Sep 29th for our 1st annual Summer Slam Trophy Race, and again next Wed, Oct 2nd for the next edition of WNW!

I also want to take a minute and thank all of you personally for making my 40th birthday a blast! I could not have had a better time anywhere or doing anything else….Also I wanted to say once again…RCHR wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you guys…We will strive for continuous improvement in the race program, the web site, the track and in the shop….From John, myself and my family…THANK YOU ALL!

WNW Wall Of Fame

2wd Stock Short Course B-Main

2wd Stock Short Course B-Main – Great Job Joe!

  1. Joe Stanz
  2. Mike Vena
  3. Larry Drapp


  1. Reinaldo Vega
  2. Photog
  3. Rasheed
2wd Stock SC A-Main

2wd Stock SC A-Main

  1. Photog
  2. JP
  3. Joe B
2wd Buggy

2wd Buggy – Erik looking proud of that trophy!

  1. Reinaldo Vega
  2. Erik W
  3. Sam MacMillan
4wd Mod SC

4wd Mod SC

  1. John B
  2. Reinaldo Vega
  3. Jeff Roy